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All Natural Dog Food

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All natural dog food is a great concern of every good dog owner.  


Should you feed your dog an all natural dog food diet? If only your dog could talk, he would probably give you a resounding answer of yes to that question. Unfortunately, dogs can not talk, though, so we have to rely on the best advice from veterinarians, people who specialize in the treatment and care of animals. 


Anyone who has ever studied anything about dogs knows that they are directly descended from wolves. Wolves are natural predators who survive by hunting and killing prey animals and consuming them. Prior to domestication by humans, dogs (or wolves) lived solely on the food that they hunted and consumed raw. This diet was the best suited to their intestinal tract and digestion. 


Since wolves were domesticated into the hundreds of different dog breeds available today, people have spent a great deal of time trying to devise the best dog diet for our furry best friends.  Most modern dog owners believe, erroneously, that dogs have evolved to consume diets which are rich in plant matter and grain fillers. But scientists who perform autopsies on dogs and wolves have been able to show that the modern day dog has not evolved with any natural changes to t heir digestive systems which can be linked to the domestication process. 


Dogs have been biologically programmed over hundreds of thousands of years to eat meat. Most dogs would benefit the most if their owners allowed them to run wild and hunt their own food and consume it in a raw form.  


A raw food diet for your dog is the best all natural dog food diet you can provide for your dog. It has been shown that this is the best diet plan for dogs of all sizes or breed. It is the healthiest type of all natural dog food diet you can feed your dog. 


Commercial dog foods which are sold on the mass market are full of fillers which consist mostly of grains. Dogs are not designed to properly digest food in this category. If you feed your dog a diet made up primarily of filler grains, he will be prone to developing many different health problems. An all natural dog food diet can be purchased from dozens of different organic dog food companies if you choose not to feed your dog a raw food diet. 


Dogs that are fed diets which consist primarily of plant matter usually produce bulky, soft stools. This can lead to all kinds of digestion problems and certain types of colon cancers. Even though you think you are feeding them a diet loaded with nutrients, they often become malnourished. Dogs who malnourished are the ones that tend to develop diseases because poor nutrition leads to problems with a dog's immune system. They become prone to chronic diseases.  


If you do not feed your dog an all natural dog food diet, it can become obese and develop diabetes. While diabetes in dogs does not lead to a shortened life span, it is a complication that you, as a pet owner, will want to avoid having to deal with, if possible. Treating diabetes in dogs can be a very expensive proposition. 


Most dogs will respond very quickly to an all natural dog food diet mostly because he is genetically programmed to eat this kind of diet. You will definitely not have to coax him to eat heartily the first time you present him with this food in his food bowl. He will be delighted to realize that his owner finally caught on to the type of diet he has been longing for all along. 


Sometimes, even the best all natural dog food diet may not give enough nutrition for your furry friend. Your veterinarian may then prescribe some dog diet supplements to be added to his daily diet to round out his nutritional requirements.  It is very important that you follow your veterinarian's suggestions so that your dog does not become malnourished. 


Giving your dog only all natural dog food need not be overly expensive. All natural dog food can be purchased in many places these days and need not always been purchased from expensive pet food boutiques. Find the most quality and inexpensive all naturall dog food available by clicking on the link and your dog will say “Thank you :)” 





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